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AI in EdTech

A ClassIn Special Report

Drawing insights from hands-on experience with nearly 200 emerging products and dozens of founder interviews, our latest AI research finds the technology will be a significant help to teachers who are grappling with resource constraints and demanding workloads.

Here’s a closer look at the concurrent AI landscape in schools—and a prediction of what the future holds.

Inside this 30-page report:

  • A compilation of 90+ high-potential startups in EdTech with AI embedding, based on a month-long research (in Airtable format)
  • Our segmentation of 6 primary sectors in AI EdTech
  • Our pyramid of growing AI EdTech from single-point solutions to a whole ecosystem
  • Analysis on key challenges to AI adoption, such as hallucination, bias and harmful generation
  • Competitive landscape on developing in Education

Authors: ClassIn's Vice President of Globalization, Ted Mo Chen & US Management Trainee, Kenny Wu.

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